Lash Silicone Pad

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Large Silicone Pad

This silicone pad has multiple uses... When you grab more than one lash at a time by mistake...set the lashes on the silicone pad. The silicone pad sets the lashes upright so that they can be picked up with ease and precision which allows for faster lash application. Lashes will hold onto the silicone even if the pad is moved vigorously. You can also set your jade stone at the bottom of this silicone pad to prevent it from moving.


Also - some of our lash technicians find it useful to tape all of their mixed trays to the clear plastic that covers the silicone. Remove the 2 pieces of clear plastic that is used to protect the silicone, instead of tossing the clear plastic into the garbage, keep it. On one side, tape down all of your mixed trays (1 tray of B. 15mixed, C.15mixed and D.15mixed, then you will have everything right there in front of you in one case. Remove the cardboard that the lashes are affixed to from their original plastic cases, then tape the cardboard side onto the clear plastic and place it on the inside cover while you are working. Be sure to write what curl and thickness the lashes are at the top since the numbers are usually on the trays... When you are done, put this clear plastic with all of your mixed lashes on top of the silicone pad and close the cover to keep the lashes clean. Make sure to clean the silicone pad with alcohol between clients.



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